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InteGreat™ Series for Meeting Rooms

Bring technology neatly to the table. The InteGreat Series is a better way to manage technology in meeting rooms. Easy to install, this flexible system protects cords and cables while bringing power, communications and A/V connections from the building infrastructure to the point-of-use. If upgrades are needed, it’s no problem to access what you need and adjust it.

InteGreat A/V Table Box

Extend power, communications and A/V to the presenter's point-of-use. Easily integrates with Wiremold Cable Retractors to keep cables safe and organized.

InteGreat Under Table Cable Management

Organizes and protects cables and cords under the table. Easily accommodates upgrades or reconfigurations.

InteGreat Transition Channel

A discreet, safe way to bring power and technology from infrastructure to point-of-use. Easily adjusts to a variety of table heights.

InteGreat Cable Retractors

For use with the A/V Table Box. Provides up to 5' of retractable cable to keep everything safe and organized at the point-of-use.

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