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Building Network Solutions

Legrand has been working alongside industry leaders to help enable the next generation of the Internet of Things within the Smart Building. Our goal is to converge disparate building services and applications to a common infrastructure, enabling new types of services and experiences for the occupants, operators and building owners.  Discover more about the Smart Building and our efforts to help you realize new cost savings and efficiencies through this page.​​​​​​​

Cable Management Solutions

Legrand’s racks and cable managers are ideal for managing your building’s network environment. With vertical managers, horizontal managers, overhead cable management, and everything in between, Legrand helps simplify your installation.

Physical Infrastructure Solutions

Legrand racks and cabinets are designed with cable management as a core principle and are integrated with other cable management products. Discover infrastructure solutions designed specifically for the building network environment.

Network Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity needs are constantly evolving within the building. As more and more buildings become connected, Legrand has the connectivity to help support your desired applications, whether it’s copper or fiber.

Smart Building Solutions

With the adoption of the Internet of Things at home and at work, the building environment is changing to meet these needs. Legrand participates in the Smart Building ecosystem to help bring the next generation of building technologies to life.

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